Despite being a niche genre, post-rock is a musical style that spans the entire globe, free from the restraints of language barriers. For the uninitiated (or even the dedicated), it can be a daunting landscape to traverse. For every band you discover it always feels like there are 20 more flying completely off your radar. As a genre that largely skews independent, post-rock doesn’t always have the structural support offered to more mainstream styles. Until now, fans have had to rely on their own diligence and good luck when it came to uncovering new artists. But with Post-Pedia everything is laid out in a meticulously organized, user-friendly fashion, collecting as close to all the world’s post-rock bands as anyone has come previously. Now, all one needs is the interest, and the opportunity is there for the taking. The purpose of Post-Pedia is not only to log as many bands together in one space as possible, but to establish a fluid connectivity between artists and fans, and to further facilitate the growth of this amazing, strong, and passionate community. Post-Pedia is a creation of WherePostRockDwells, and is owned and managed entirely by the WPRD team.

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