Golgi Apparatus Active

Doom Metal
Sludge Metal

Vienna, Austria

Golgi Apparatus started out as an unnamed and untamed musical project that consisted of various open-minded members just making music together. As time went on and the vision behind the project became clearer, the number of members gradually decreased. Since then, the group is fueled by the minds of the two brothers BG and CG that initially started the project. Golgi Apparatus is a conceptual take on auditive art, blending analogue and digital instruments with analogue and digital instrumentalists. The kindred duo liquefies traditional structures and rules, expanding their heavy songs into dynamic experiences that embolden to feel. Their vague and expressive lyrics as well as the music itself revolves about urges and instincts. About sense and sentiment. About rawness. About faint. About form and function, knuckles and buds. Music about something, anything and everything. Music about machines. Music about humans. Golgi Apparatus is music about us.


Breach Album

Released on April 04, 2020