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Post-Progressive Rock
Progressive Rock

Pune, India

Celestial Teapot is a five-piece instrumental rock act from Pune, India. They released their debut album in December 2015 called 'One Big Sky' wherein they had the pleasure of collaborating with Marjana Semkina, vocalist of Russian Prog/Chamber duo 'Iamthemorning' on one of the songs called 'Nacreous'. One Big Sky has received acclaim not only from the locals but a great deal from the overseas audience as well. CT has been fortunate to have earned a spot and to have shared the stage with some stellar Indian and International acts such as Megadeth, The Wailers, Indus Creed, Skrat etc. at the 6th edition of Harley Rock Riders at Richardson Cruddas in Mumbai. They toured with Delhi-based Post-Rock band Ioish in Feb 2016. The tour comprised of five cities, namely: Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai & Nashik and received tremendous support from crowds all over. CT also had a chance to play with Prog giants Coshish and Rainburn, supporting them at the Pune leg of 'Progworks on Wheels'. They had a chance to play alongside Prog/Metal giants Skyharbor at Euriska(Pune) for their last Indian Tour. They released a single called 'Lumens' in September 2017. In January 2020, CT played a DIY underground gig alongside two locals bands ‘A Mutual Question’ & ’The Reasonable Hope’. They also had the honour to open for UK Metallers ,Monuments, towards the end of the January being a part of their last Indian Tour.


Perception EP

Listen: Bandcamp

Released on November 20, 2020

Lumens Single

Released on September 28, 2017

One Big Sky Album

Released on December 04, 2015