Astralia Active


La Floresta, Spain

Astralia is a three-piece post-rock/ambient-rock band from Barcelona, Spain. The band was born in November 2010, and after drinking from different musical styles, they decided to create songs with new sounds, new atmospheres, new textures, often governed by the simplicity of a few notes. Songs that demand their time, their pauses, explaining feelings and emotions, motivated largely by a power source, the nature. Astralia are Jordi Guzman (drums), Albert Clemente (bass) and Roger Guzman (guitar)


So Far So Near Single

Released on July 24, 2020

Solstice Album

Released on April 22, 2017

Atlas Album

Released on April 13, 2015

S/T Album

Listen: Bandcamp

Released on March 01, 2012