Tannhauser Orchestra Active

Dream Pop
Indie Rock

Leuven, Belgium

Tannhauser Orchestra (formerly just Tannhauser) is a shoegaze band from Leuven, Belgium. Its current members are Erick de Deyn, Loes Besieux and Geert Janssens.


The Fade Album

Released on April 14, 2021

Songs of Travel and Other Universes EP

Released on January 16, 2019

Veneralia Album

Released on October 13, 2015

Her Mountain Album

Released on May 01, 2014

The House of Sleep Album

Released on January 01, 2013

Slowburn EP

Released on November 01, 2012

Songs Are What We Are Album

Released on November 01, 2011

September EP

Released on December 01, 2010