Touccan Active

Art Rock
Indie Rock
Math Rock

Lyon, France

Founded in 2018, Touccan is a duo from Lyon composed of Valentin (Drums) and Clovis (Guitar). Childhood friends, they play in various bands including Ska Punk, Death Metal and Punk Melocore. Today using only one melodic and harmonic instrument, Touccan offers heterogeneous sounds playing on irregular structures and rhythms. Influenced by their former bands, they exert a Post-Emo that borders on Mathrock, at the crossroads of Chinese Football, Touché Amore and Totorro. They recorded with Florian Pessin a first EP, composed of six titles, released in 2018. Back in the studio with Flo, they are currently working on their first album. Touccan notably shared the bill alongside bands such as Chaleur Tournante, Heavy Heart and CKY.


Full Sentimental Album

Released on July 08, 2022

Touccan EP

Released on October 24, 2018