Crust Punk

Oldenburg, Germany

BRUECKEN is an Oldenburg based band from northern germany, playing atmoshperic, instrumental music. In may 2016 the project was created under the influence of bands like envy, fjort, the tidal sleep and thrice to deliver a dark and atmospheric rendition of Post-Hardcore. The founding line-up developed five songs that suited their visions and within five months went to record those live in october 2016 within one day. Planed as a promotional demo, the recordings were convincing enough to make them into an official release. After they had been treated in Oldenburg‘s renowned Tonmeisterei, the self-titled EP was published as a limited CD and digitally by the band themselves in may 2017 and was generally well recieved. Among other reviews it was named „demo of the month“ by VISIONS. The momentum of the project got stopped cold when in december 2017 singer and bassplayer Jan Wiethölter died. The band took their time to grieve and work through the loss but arrived at the decision not to end the project. A new direction and drive was found when seasoned bass-player Jens Niehoff (Black Everest / They Sleep We Live / Suffocate For Fuck Sake) joined the band. Together the fourpiece reworked existing fragments, explored new sounds, added layers and shaped a new concept for BRUECKEN. This included the decision to continue as an instrumental outlet, to pour emotions into sound without relying on a lyrical layer but also consciously leave some blank spots for the listeners to fill in for themselves.


Innere Unruhen Album

Released on March 25, 2022

Schall und Raum Album

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Released on December 13, 2019


Listen: Bandcamp

Released on July 05, 2017