Glassing Active

Post-Black Metal
Sludge Metal

Austin, Texas, USA

The Austin, TX based trio of guitarist Cory Brim, drummer Jason Camacho (Lechuguillas), and singer & bassist Dustin Coffman (Feuding Fathers) effortlessly walks a razor’s edge between innumerable pairs of opposites on their inaugural full-length, revealing a cohesion well beyond their years. With roots in both metal and hardcore, as well as a collective appreciation for texture, tonal complexity, and asymmetric song structure, Glassing coalesce into an utterly ruinous, and totally unpredictable force across Light and Death’s duration. What is in one moment rising ambient tension or an intelligible 4/4 time-signature is, in the blink of an eye, replaced by successive shockwaves of full-on destructive catharsis. Glassing is: Dustin Coffman - Vocals/Bass Cory Brim - Guitar Jason Camacho - Drums


Dire and Sulk EP

Released on August 26, 2022

Twin Dream Album

Released on November 05, 2021

Spotted Horse Album

Released on May 17, 2019

Light and Death Album

Released on September 15, 2017

Memorial b​/​w Dead Limbs EP

Released on April 17, 2015