Zorya Active

Post-Black Metal

Ljubljana, Slovakia

"Zorya is Slovenian Atmospheric post- black duo with session musicians, helmed by Jan Oblak and Sara Jeremić. Zorya is a very new project for who through it expresses his interest in Slavic mythology. Band so far has just one recording, an EP ""Rusalka"", the title of which also references Slavic mythology The music is an interesting mix of background ambient wash, screaming BM vocals, puddling percussion and melodic post-rock that is sometimes dark. Music might be considered as much noise as it is post-BM / post-rock. In some songs the attitude seems experimental, especially in the way the mood in individual tracks develops and is sustained by pauses or sparse instrumentation with little distortion. Songs certainly come across as fragmented, with the metal or rock parts suddenly dropping into ambient or orchestral wash and then transitioning back to metal / rock, then going back and forth between metal and ambient.


Rusalka EP

Released on May 10, 2020