KPLRº (Kepler) Active

Math Rock
Progressive Rock

Bogotá, Colombia

KPLR (Kepler) it’s an independent project conformed by Diego Roldan (Guitar and Synths) Leonardo Rozo (Bass Guitar), Daniel Bernal (Drums) and Juan Barrera (Visuals and Stage creator). It begins on 2017 in bogota Colombia and it’s know for mixing post-rock and modern jazz, involving also elements of another music genres like Math-rock, Shogaeza and Progressive Rock. One of the ways they work it’s textures and sensations on their songs, creating incidental music, overlapping layers of sounds, making transitions from soft pace to frenetic and noisy that define the compositions, all this is complemented by visual performance that involves lights mapping and real time projections. This part brings a cinematic identity, offering to the listener an unique sensorial experience, making images and walls of sound that are free for interpretation.


Memorias de un día soleado (lluvia) Single

Released on June 21, 2019