Pray For Sound Active


Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Without ever uttering a word, Pray For Sound channel music’s curative power through instrumental transmissions of lush post-rock, cinematic production, glistening synth pop, and organic tribal percussion. The Boston quartet —Bruce Malley, Steve Aliperta, Joe Aylward, and Nick Stewart—fully realize the scope of that potential to heal on their independent fourth full- length, Waves. Originally formed in 2011 as a solo project for Bruce, Pray For Sound’s origins can be directly connected to the founder’s own journey. Deaf in his left ear since high school, Bruce envisioned an architecture for sonic catharsis on 2012’s Monophonic. Joined by his bandmates around the same time, the group unlocked an inimitable chemistry, thriving on stage at countless East Coast shows and flourishing in the studio for 2014’s Dreamer. The latter yielded “Sleeper,” which impressively clocked 4.5 million Spotify streams as “Decayer” followed with 230K. Plus, MetalSucks declared the group, “The Best Instrumental Metal Band You’ll Hear All Year.”


Waves B​-​Sides Album

Released on March 27, 2020