Daughters Active

Drone Metal
Noise Rock

Providence, Rhode Island, USA

Daughters is a mathcore band formed in Providence, Rhode Island in 2001, following the demise of a similar Providence-based band, As The Sun Sets. Their music is fast and experimental; their drums commonly feature blast beats, and their guitars are a blur of high pitched squeals and fast fretting. With the release of Hell Songs, Daughters became more of a noise rock band - with vocals more reminiscent of The Jesus Lizard's David Yow than a traditional hardcore or metalcore vocalist - and toured with bands such as The Locust, Russian Circles, Young Widows, and The Chinese Stars. They have four releases: a self-titled EP (2002), Canada Songs (2003), Hell Songs (2006), and a self-titled album, Daughters (2010). In April 2009 Sargent House re-issued their Self-titled EP from 2002 with new artwork. In March, 2010 Daughters released a self-titled LP on Hydrahead Records, after which longtime members Nicholas Sadler and Samuel Walker left and the band went on hiatus. Nick Sadler, the on and off guitar player of Daughters, played in a project named Fang Island, which is a band that breaks away from the musical style in which he played with Daughters. After an 8-year hiatus Daughters released You Won't Get What You Want on the 25th of October, 2018. The album received critical acclaim, with the album becoming #1 of 2018 on rateyourmusic.com.


You Won't Get What You Want Album

Released on October 26, 2018