There. Active

Niš, Serbia

"The instrumental post-rock band “There.“ was officially formed at the beginning of autumn in 2012, but unofficially, it was formed a few years back. The first sketches and ideas, which swam through jam sessions the band had with various former members, got their final shape in 2013. That year, during winter, There. established a working relationship with Black Planet Records, a record label, who released the first of many “Balkan Under the Radar“ compilations where, among other works, you would find the song „Where the Magic Happens“ by There. Soon after, the band started with live performances in Nis and Jagodina with a new, and at the same time, the first official band roster. Only a few days after their first performance out of their hometown (Nis), There. performed on the Nisville Jazz Festival. This performance, as it turns out, represented a breaking point in the band’s work, as right after that, the band managed to establish a working relationship with Radio Belgrade where their debut EP “Session 4“ aired for the first time. This EP was later released by Black Planet Records. According to a review of the “Session 4“ EP published on “There are no complications, minimalistic repetitions, tremolos, improvisations, and crescendos, but short cuts where distorted riffs with developed piano melodies attack pop structures, which is a cool move towards compressing the entire drama where many artists usually tend to go for length, monotony, and boredom.“ During the promotion of their first EP, the band had many performances all across Serbia. Their performances have become a field where the band shines the most with their energy and their sonic passages that deviate from traditional post-rock norms. Soon after, the band finalized their first LP “Chasing the Basics“, which was recorded with the help of Mladen Marjanovic (Igralom) in a club called Feedback. They recorded 10 songs, 8 of which found their way to the album. The two remaining songs, „Sonder“ and „Dare.“, were released as singles in cooperation with two record labels – Black Planet Records and Tribal Rajber Label. In May 2016, “Chasing the Basics“ was released with the record label Rock Svirke Records. After that, the band promoted the album all across Serbia, on solo concerts and festivals. At the end of 2017, the bend redefined their roster and therefore changed the sound. The spring of 2019. There. spent on a mini-tour of Bulgaria and Serbia, and two summer dates were reserved for debut shows on two biggest Serbian festivals, Arsenal and Exit. The four-member band There. is currently working on a new album by experimenting with angular forms of music, all the while keeping their established aesthetic of post-rock outlaws. Band members: Pavle Dinić – Piano Luka Bašić – Drums Marko Mitić – Bass Uroš Kostić – Guitar


Chasing The Basics Album

Released on May 13, 2016