Unwed Sailor Active


Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

The instrumental post rock ambience of Unwed Sailor has been guided by the vision of Johnathon Ford (Pedro the Lion/Roadside Monument). Since starting the band in Seattle in 1998, Ford has combined elements of post rock, new age, new wave, ambient, shoegaze & film music to create the unique sound and vision of Unwed Sailor.


Truth or Consequences Album

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Released on May 14, 2021

Look Alive Album

Released on June 10, 2020

Heavy Age Album

Released on May 03, 2019

Take A Minute EP

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Released on March 17, 2017

Little Wars Album

Released on April 01, 2008

Circles EP

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Released on April 03, 2006

The White Ox Album

Released on April 02, 2006

The Marionette and the Music Box Album

Released on April 22, 2003

The Magic Hedge Single

Released on January 01, 2002

The Faithful Anchor Album

Released on September 10, 2001

Firecracker EP

Released on September 02, 1998