Chord Active


Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chord, the longstanding powerambient collective of Kyle Benjamin (First Responder), Phil Dole (X-Bax, Grand Kali Ma), Jason Hoffman (Anatole, Interactive Network), Sean McCarthy (Underhand, Beaumont), and Trevor Shelley de Brauw (Pelican, RLYR), have returned for their fourth full length Imperfect Authentic Cadence. Their initial shared vision has remained remarkably consistent throughout their tenure: to arrange longform pieces that favor texture and dynamics over elements such as melody, exploiting and exploring the sonic depth of a single chord per composition. Whereas previous albums (Flora, 2009; Progression 2012; GMaj7 2013) were largely improvisational, the new record encompasses a much greater degree of composition and structure, even pulling off an unprecedented chord change (albeit approached *very* gradually). The result is a dense web of slowly unfurling ambience and mood, melancholic and droning, but also uplifting and cleansing at turns.


Imperfect Authentic Cadence Album

Released on June 04, 2021

Gmaj7 Album

Released on June 05, 2012

Gdim13 EP

Released on September 29, 2011

Progression Album

Released on November 09, 2010

Flora Album

Released on April 28, 2009

Demo Album

Released on December 31, 2005