Helsinki Horizon Active

Dream Pop
Indie Rock

Trondheim, Norway

Helsinki Horizon was formed by bassist Snorre Hovdal back in 2012, after he had been writing on conceptual cinematic sound track instrumentals for a period. After reaching out to collaberators he ended up getting a request to compose several "1 minute ideas" for other artists. Snorre had become a little too attached to some of the ideas, so he decided to widthdraw them, and bring them into Helsinki Horizon. Always trying to create dreamy musical soundscapes honoring places, pop-culture and people, a friend of the band described them as "A Soundtrack for an indie road-movie". The picture stuck well with the band, and they sometimes use it when asked about their music style. Helsinki Horizon is Snorre Hovdal: Bass, keys and guitar. Eivind Fjøseide: Guitar Geir Knarbakk: Drums


Signal Flares Album

Released on January 21, 2021