Sentiers Nocturnes Active

Post-Black Metal

Lyon, France

With a powerfully evocative & gripping sensory sound that combines the atmospheric intensity of Post-Rock/Post-Black Metal into an experience that listeners can feel surge through them – Sentiers Nocturnes is full proof that music can speak volumes on its own, without using a single word. By exploring introspective thoughts, feelings, and emotions, Sentiers Nocturnes has discovered a vibrant connection to music that is unique to this project, yet also remarkably relatable in vividly exciting and extraordinarily enticing ways that are all designed to be turned straight UP, 100%. Diving deep into textures & tones that fully transports listeners out of their world & into a vibrant realm of unforgettable sound – Sentiers Nocturnes has come with a first EP for you to experience. From the stunning array of musicianship that’s every bit as capable of melting hearts as blowing minds, to the adventurous melodies and ambitious spirit of immaculate instrumental sound, to the inherently curious & mysterious vibes of hybrid ideas that delve right into Blackgaze in search of the unknown & unique possibilities music has to offer – Sentiers Nocturnes is ready to take listeners on a sonic trip stocked & loaded with spectacular instrumentation from this one-man music-army’s home-base in France.


Drifting Feelings EP

Released on May 15, 2021