jeffk Active

Progressive Rock

Leipzig, Germany

jeffk was initially founded in Magdeburg, Germany in 2006. The band started to play music based on garage rock and blues but developed a preference for post rock quite quickly. The constellation of Matthias (guitar), Tim (bass) and Steffen (drums) remained unchanged until 2017. Meanwhile the band moved to Leipzig in 2008, as the members spread over different cities all over Germany for diverse purposes. The initial idea of the band was to create atmospheric instrumental music without being to expanding but rich with melodies and rhythm. Even so there was quite a change in the music over the years the general idea remained the same until today. Being influenced by several styles like rock, electronica and post rock they recorded their first EP “in the darkest” in 2012. With a lack of financial support the EP was self-produced and 200 copies were released on vinyl. In the meantime, jeffks musical expressions were getting more and more elaborated and they began to include more heavy sounds, still combining atmosphere with agility, supported by the members different taste in music. Tim decided to leave the band for personal reasons after they recorded “Inadequate Shelter” in March 2017, which was released via Dunk!Records and athousandarms in 2018. Börge joined the band at the end of 2017 as the new bass player. jeffk played concerts all over Europe including France, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands. Current members: Steffen Ziemann – Drums, Matthias Poese – Guitar, Börge, Meyn - Bass


TAR Album

Released on January 20, 2023

inadequate shelter Album

Released on September 29, 2018


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Released on July 20, 2012