Spoiwo Active


Gdańsk, Poland

Spoiwo has been created in 2009 and consists of four friends. From that moment on it developes its characteristic sound which is based on melancholy drifting along with elements of madness and sadness exploding together in a joyful manner. Spoiwo is an instrumental band often settled between cinematic and postrock music. Debut album Salute Solitude released in 2015 received great fan- and media response, being “one of the best polish post-rock albums” and placing Spoiwo next to the Polish post-rock titans Tides from Nebula. Band members: Guitar – Piotr Gierzyński Synths – Patryk Piątkowski Drums – Krzysztof Sarnek Synths – Krzysztof Zaczyński


Martial Hearts Album

Released on January 30, 2021

Salute Solitude Album

Released on March 13, 2015