Tides of Man Active

Progressive Rock

Clearwater, Florida, USA

Tides of Man is an American progressive rock band formed in Tampa, Florida in 2008. The now-instrumental band currently consists of members Spencer Gill, Josh Gould, Alan Jaye, and Daniel Miller. The band's former lead vocalist Tilian Pearson and rhythm guitarist Adam Sene departed from the group in 2010. The band signed with Rise Records and released the studio albums Empire Theory and Dreamhouse, and independently went on to release their third album Young and Courageous in 2014 and their fourth album Every Nothing in 2018.


New Futures (Remix) feat. Sofia Sweet Single

Released on August 02, 2019

Re:visions EP

Released on February 04, 2019

Every Nothing Album

Released on August 03, 2018

Young and Courageous Album

Released on February 04, 2014