Driving Slow Motion Active


Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Driving Slow Motion is an American instrumental post-rock band from Fort Worth, Texas. Their style has emphasis on the contrast of ambient textures of post-rock, and heavier, noisier moments, thus creating a theme of adventure in their music. The band formed in 2017, and the members have played together in various other projects since high school. Members are: Dustin Weaver (drums), Bryan Freymuth (guitar), Jason Reed (guitar), Nick Valdez (guitar), and Carter Stark (bass guitar). The band has put out two releases: S/T EP in 2018, and their full length record, "Arda", in June 2019.


Adrift​:​Abyss Album

Listen: Bandcamp

Released on September 17, 2021

Arda Album

Released on June 07, 2019

S​/​T EP

Released on February 01, 2018