ALTAS Active


Denver, Colorado, USA

"Pop musicians like to make things easy on their audiences, relying on time-tested formulas like verse-chorus song structures, predictable chord changes, and sing-along hooks. But out there on the margins, things can get a little more interesting, as musicians experiment with the ""through-composed"" approach of ""serious"" classical music, or abandon composition entirely, venturing into the ambient. ALTAS integrates both approaches into their lyric-less soundscapes, which at times, echoes the shifting dynamics of Japanese ""post-rock"" band Mono, or the spacey sonic excursions of early Pink Floyd. Think Steve Reich meets Mogwai. Or don't think at all and just listen."


All I Ever Wanted Was Album

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Released on May 31, 2019

Epoca De Bestias Album

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Released on October 28, 2014