Lavinia Active


Austin, Texas, USA

Lavinia most recently was Nate, Brendan, Mike, Jon. After relocating to Austin from the northeast in 2012, Shumaker quickly recruited members John Momberg (Mansions, Appleseed Cast), Joel Reynolds (junius, Driftoff, Rosetta) and Matthew Herald. This lineup began work on new material until splitting to focus on other projects. Previous incarnations of the band included Philip Jamieson (Caspian), Alex Mihm (Eksi Ekso, On Fire), John Helmig (Everdown, Crowne Vict) and Josh Megyesy (The Burning Paris, On Fire). Their debut EP "There is Light Between Us" and the "Take Shelter" 7" are both available now on The Mylene Sheath in North America.


Sallowed Album

Released on July 26, 2019

Take Shelter EP

Released on May 28, 2013

There Is Light Between Us EP

Released on November 16, 2010