blanket Active

Indie Rock

Blackpool, England (UK)

The band have toured extensively in support of their debut record ‘How To Let Go’, supporting the likes of Zeal & Ardor, Polyphia, Cellar Darling and Tides of Man and played festival sets at the likes of Bluedot, ArcTanGent, Supersonic, Lytham and Desert Fest. 2021 marks the point where Blanket carve out their own identity. Skilled musicians, filmmakers, designers and soundtrack artists, their latest project takes the post-rock blueprint of the band’s 2018 debut full-length LP, and infuses it with reverberating waves of shoegaze eclecticism and sudden outbursts of savage metal. The widescreen, cinematic expanse of Blanket’s sound still remains however, and rather than neuter their grand ambitions, these additional elements have simply expanded their sonic pallet without compromising the grandiose vision that gives Blanket their identity. Blanket are: Bobby Pook (Vocals / Guitar), Simon Morgan (Guitar / Vocals), Matthew Sheldon (Bass)


Modern Escapism Album

Released on September 10, 2021

How to Let Go Album

Released on May 18, 2018

Our Brief Encounters Album

Released on February 10, 2017