Dark Ambient

Pensacola, Florida, USA

YNICORNS is an ambient/experimental/post-rock band from Pensacola, Florida. Doug Stanford began the project in 2013 and has continued to build momentum in recording, performances, and sound evolutions over nearly a decade of work. Beginning with experiments that would eventually become the album Before We Knew Love and Loss, YNICORNS quickly recorded and released Falling and Fell on Fake Art/Fake Music Records. Over the course of the following years a relocation from Virginia to Florida slowed activity and output until 2018 with the release of INTERVALS on Flag Day Recordings. After another hiatus to devote attention to other arts, YNICORNS resumed writing and recording at a fever pitch, preparing several releases for 2021 that explore entirely new sonic territory and emotional content. YNICORNS music has tread through post-rock, ambient, experimental, and noise work but consistently draws on nostalgia, introspection, and meditation while crafting layered textures of sound. Inspired by neo-classical minimalists, post-rock, math-rock, emo, and IDM, YNICORNS is constantly seeking new ways to connect viscerally with his listeners.


we miss you, stay safe // &&& Album


Released on April 01, 2021


Released on January 01, 2018

Before We Knew Love and Loss EP

Released on August 01, 2015

Falling and Fell EP

Released on February 03, 2014