glaston Active


Zurich, Switzerland

"glaston is a swiss post-rock/instrumental/experimental band from Zürich and Basel, Switzerland. The band, founded in 2014, consists of Selina Maisch (Piano), Jake Gutzwiller (Guitar), Timo Beeler (Bass) and David Preissel (Drums). As of 2019, glaston have released one EP “Sailing Stormy Waters” and one full-length album “Inhale / Exhale”. glaston is inspired by classical music and progressive rock and is at times reminiscent of cinematic scores. Its leading piano forms the heart of their music and distinguishes it from that of other post-rock bands. Polyrhythmic patterns, odd time signatures and a multitude of atmospheric layers (e.g. added synth and cello) are also characteristic for their musical style. Jake uses elements such as an E-Bow and cello bow on his guitar. The band names Olafur Arnalds, Agent Fresco and a Perfect circle as their main inspirations."


I Am Whole Album

Released on November 11, 2022

Midnight - Grand Piano Version (Live) Single

Listen: Bandcamp

Released on March 22, 2019

Inhale / Exhale Album

Released on October 06, 2017

NOIR Single

Released on December 04, 2015

Sailing Stormy Waters EP

Released on November 07, 2014