It Was A Good Dream Active


Boston, Massachusetts, USA

IT WAS A GOOD DREAM is a Boston-based instrumental/post-rock band which began in early 2018. The project began as a compositional exercise for longtime friends and collaborators Chris Anthony and Alex Glover, and quickly grew into something larger than either anticipated. Recorded in a centuries-old Masonic Temple-turned recording studio in Northeastern Massachusetts, the duo’s self-titled debut is saturated with a brightly haunted atmosphere. The historical live room graciously left its fingerprints all over the recordings - gorgeously architected 50-foot tall ceilings end where effect pedals begin. Drums shake unreachable shelves and cymbals crash in their wake, bringing to life the resident dust in long-forgotten hallways. Unplanned creaks and rattles invite the listener to explore each deeply layered sound expertly captured by producer James Bridges (Caspian, American Echoes, Mike Gordon). With their debut record due out in Summer 2018, IT WAS A GOOD DREAM will spend the spring completing a new live performance complimented by generative visuals and rotating accompaniment. In the meantime, the album's first track and teaser single, "Forgetting How To Speak" is currently streaming everywhere.


Rememory Album

Released on March 31, 2023

Descend / Suppress / Sustain Single

Released on March 27, 2020