DeWaiters Active

Math Rock
Post-Progressive Rock

Kraków, Poland

DeWaiters were formed in Oct 2013 in Cracow, Poland, by guitarist Jakub Tutaj, bassist Witold Fudała and drummer Grzegorz Jakieła, with a plan to bring a singer onboard sooner than later. In Nov 2013 DeWaiters started creating original compositions. Soon after started inviting multiple vocalists to the band to find a good fit to the compositions. With not much luck. Throughout 2013-2018 DeWaiters composed twenty two complete compositions while improving and crafting the style. In 2018 DeWaiters decided to stop looking for a vocalist and instead fully focus on building out what they are best at - simple, catchy and not overwhelming sounds for an audience beyond fans of instrumental music.


The Trip EP

Released on May 07, 2021

Triangle EP

Released on June 15, 2019