Itella Active

Noise Rock

Raisio, Finland

Itella was formed in the summer of 2020 by three eager musicians in a small city in Finland called Raisio. Two of these musicians were huge fans of post-rock and had fantasized about making an album of their own. Ideas were passed back and forth in the first quarter of 2020 and by the end of August, they had a full album on their hands. All decisions regarding songwriting and structures were made intuitively and on the spot, having a really strong feeling of ¨friends having fun¨, even though the music is gloomy, sad and anxiety-inducing from time to time. Itella takes you on a journey through a beautiful horizon of melodies and calming waves of peaceful rhythms. This Finnish band takes the finest parts of the post-rock genre and liquifies it all to a perfect harmony of songs that are atmospheric, soothing, and hopeful. First album brings this all together with heavy ambiance and noise inspired parts.


Letters are made of trees Album

Released on March 12, 2021