Artists from Australia

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active a broken sail Sydney, Australia +2 EP 2020
Active Absent Hearts Perth, Australia The Peak & The Valley Album 2020
Active Adrift For Days Sydney, Australia A Sleepless Grey Album 2017
Active Aerials Brisbane, Australia Drawing Blood Single 2018
Active agrammeofsoma Brisbane, Australia diaspora Album 2017
Active Ahkmed Melbourne, Australia The Inland Sea Album 2016
Active Alexandra Spence Sydney, Australia A Necessary Softness Album 2021
Active Alithia Melbourne, Australia Astromental Album 2020
Active All India Radio Hobart, Australia R E A L M Album 2020
Active All Is Violent Melbourne, Australia Cartographers Of Human Purpose EP 2019
Active Alonefold Canberra, Australia Sing with me Drifter Album 2020
Active amble Melbourne, Australia Spring Creek Road Album 2020
Active Amnion Melbourne, Australia Maelstrom Album 2018
Active Appellative Kempsey, Australia Liquid Light Single 2017
Active Apricot Rail Perth, Australia Quarrels Album 2013
Active Aquilus Melbourne, Australia Arbor EP 2013
Active Asher Graieg-Morrison Sydney, Australia 「process」 Album 2019
Active Aura Form Adelaide, Australia Vesica Pisces Album 2016
Active Balloons Kill babies Brisbane, Australia Prodromal EP 2017
Active Bear the Mammoth Melbourne, Australia Years Under Glass Album 2018
Active Big Dead Brisbane, Australia Former Self Single 2020
Active Bird Traps Various Cities, Australia Vadhana Single 2020
Active Bloomcore Melbourne, Australia Conduit Album 2021
Active Blush Response Adelaide, Australia This Band Will Eat Itself Album 2020
Active Bolt Gun Fremantle, Australia Begotten Album 2020
Active Bonniesongs Sydney, Australia Energetic Mind: Live Live 2020
Active BORDERLVND Brisbane, Australia Night Terrors Single 2019
Active Brendon John Warner Newtown, Australia la fonte Album 2018
Active Build and Release Melbourne, Australia S​/​T Album 2016
Active Burden Man Sydney, Australia Grievance (Ft. OTHRS) Split 2021
Active Burning Bones Melbourne, Australia Sirens Single 2020
Unknown Captain Kickarse and awesomes Sydney, Australia Grim Repercussions Album 2015
Active CASCADES Melbourne, Australia ROSSIYA Single 2019
Active Cavern Creatures Bendigo, Australia Thoughts On Weather And Cyclical Nature Album 2021
Active COMACOZER Sydney, Australia HERE AND BEYOND split LP Split 2020
Active Dirac Sea Perth, Australia Dirac Sea Album 2018
Unknown Dirty Three Various Cities, Australia Whatever You Love, You Are Album 2015
Active Dream Cities Various Cities, Australia Forward Album 2017
Active Drowning Horse Perth, Australia Sheltering Sky Album 2015
Unknown Dumbsaint Sydney, Australia Another Scene Album 2017
Active Echotide Brisbane, Australia Into The Half Light Album 2017
Active Empress Gold Coast, Australia Wait ‘til Night Album 2020
Active Endeavours Sydney, Australia bare (b side) Single 2020
Unknown Eversham Canberra, Australia The Next EP 2013
Active Falconio Melbourne, Australia Features Album 2016
Active Felix. Various Cities, Australia A new past Single 2020
Active Fierce Mild Melbourne, Australia Death's Kingdom Album 2019
Active Filter Theory Sydney, Australia Then We Buried The Horses Single 2021
Active Flowers for Bodysnatchers Various Cities, Australia Alive With Scars - Epilogue EP 2019
Active Flyying Colours Melbourne, Australia Fantasy Country Album 2021