Artists from Canada

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 18 seconds Montréal, Canada À l'ombre des cyprès Album 2022
Active A Blur Within Quebec City, Canada A Brighter Light Single 2020
Active Actias Luna Vancouver, Canada The Bernoulli Effect EP 2018
Active Agarikon Various Cities, Canada Dalvindur EP 2020
Active Alaskan Ottawa, Canada E N D EP 2016
Active Alaskan Tapes Toronto, Canada For Us Alone Album 2021
Active Alder Calgary, Canada Sun Worshipper Album 2016
Active Alex Henry Foster Montréal, Canada Snowflakes in July EP 2020
Active Alex Sevigny Kelowna, Canada Outlandish Album 2019
Active À l'Ombre d'Héméra Levis, Canada En Route Vers Le Grand Vide EP 2019
Active Altona Vancouver, Canada I Hope I Got All The Good Stories Out Of Them Album 2019
Active Andrew Judah Kelowna, Canada Impossible Staircase Album 2019
Active Annie Socoria Ottawa, Canada Proof of Concept 2 Single 2020
Active anthéne Toronto, Canada lost channel Album 2019
Active Apollo Architect Brampton, Canada The Cutting​-​Room Floor EP 2021
Active Appalaches Montréal, Canada Cycles Album 2017
Active A Quiet End Toronto, Canada Fragments II: Demos, Sketches, & Rejects Album 2017
Active ART the Band Toronto, Canada Bring Your Own Chains EP 2021
Active A Silver Mt. Zion Montréal, Canada Hang On to Each Other EP 2014
Active Atsuko Chiba Montréal, Canada Water, It Feels Like It's Growing Album 2023
Unknown Au4 Vancouver, Canada .​.​.​And Down Goes The Sky Album 2013
Active Au Vol Ottawa, Canada Chernobyl Birds Album 2019
Active Avec Le Soleil Sortant de sa Bouche Montréal, Canada Pas pire pop, I Love You So Much Album 2017
Active BARRICADE Rouyn Noranda, Canada Rapide Sept Album 2015
Active Ben Haskins Cambridge, Canada Chimera Wakes Album 2023
Active BIG|BRAVE Montréal, Canada Vital Album 2021
Active Bird Problems Montréal, Canada Beyond The Nest EP 2020
Unknown Bitter Fictions Calgary, Canada Jettison EP 2016
Active Black Cloud Winnipeg, Canada Void Album 2017
Active Black Sails For Red Seas Montréal, Canada Chasing Giants Album 2018
Defunct Black Walls Toronto, Canada Communion Album 2014
Active Braids Montréal, Canada Shadow Offering Album 2020
Active Brosandi Ottawa, Canada Three Postcards and A Letter EP 2020
Active building castles out of matchsticks Hamilton, Canada perceptual disturbances Single 2018
Unknown Capulet Welland, Canada Grey Album 2015
Active ceilings Winnipeg, Canada Time Slips Album 2019
Active Choirgiant Toronto, Canada Midnight Tapes & Mourning Volumes EP 2020
Active Chris MaGee Toronto, Canada Any Part of the River Album 2021
Active Chronophobe Toronto, Canada after a long year, the feeling that everything will be okay finally sets in Album 2020
Active Clouds Become Oceans Quispamsis, Canada Bird EP 2017
Unknown Colourway Barrie, Canada Lost Voices, Found Selves Album 2017
Active Contemplator Quebec City, Canada Sonance Album 2016
Active Cygnus Onyx Flame Ottawa, Canada Transmissions from the Void Album 2019
Active Damian Valles Toronto, Canada Frameshifting Album 2017
Active Deeper than Sky Toronto, Canada Deeper than Sky EP 2021
Active Dog Drive Mantis Mississauga, Canada Volta Single 2019
Active Do Make Say Think Toronto, Canada Stubborn Persistent Illusions Album 2017
Active Don't You(,) Mean People? Thunder Bay, Canada Friends Album 2017
Active Dore Mear Beon Chatham, Canada A Commending Paean for the Forgotten Henrietta Swan Leavitt Album 2017