Artists from England (UK)

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 36 Various Cities, England (UK) Music For Isolation (Suite) Album 2021
Active 52 Commercial Road London, England (UK) Remote Connection Album 2016
Active 65daysofstatic Sheffield, England (UK) Tomorrowd EP 2021
Active 7thSun Newcastle Upon Tyne, England (UK) The Winding Stair Album 2020
Active 93millionmilesfromthesun Doncaster, England (UK) Why Do We Fall Apart (Demos) Album 2022
Active A.A. Williams London, England (UK) arco Album 2021
Active Abandon Oxford, England (UK) Vigilance Album 2019
Active Abhorson Various Cities, England (UK) A Weather Front Album 2022
Active A Burial At Sea Liverpool, England (UK) A Burial At Sea Album 2020
Active Adam Weikert Various Cities, England (UK) Lantern EP 2019
Unknown Adorn Kidderminster, England (UK) Twisted Truth Single 2012
Active Adrian Lane Various Cities, England (UK) Lekko Sketches Album 2020
Active AEIR London, England (UK) Vol. I: A FRITH BEFOULED Album 2022
Active Aerosol Jesus Brighton, England (UK) SURVIVE EP 2021
Unknown A Forest of Stars Various Cities, England (UK) Grave Mounds And Grave Mistakes Album 2018
Active A Formal Horse Southampton, England (UK) Meat Mallet Album 2021
Active After Daylight Nottingham, England (UK) Requiem For The Dying World Album 2020
Active AGVIRRE Manchester, England (UK) Eye of Mirrors Split 2021
Active A Headless Horse Leeds, England (UK) Belong / The Moon Into Blood EP 2019
Active A Lake of Ayes Manchester, England (UK) Ouro Sobre Azul Album 2021
Active Alexander Kyd London, England (UK) Rays that Heal EP 2020
Active A Lily Brighton, England (UK) Wara Id​-​Dar EP 2019
Active alphabet holds hostage Great Yarmouth, England (UK) truth in habitual Album 2021
Active Alpha Male Tea Party Liverpool, England (UK) Infinity Stare Album 2020
Active Alright The Captain Nottingham, England (UK) Contact Fix Album 2015
Active Altostratus Various Cities, England (UK) Complete the Connection Album 2020
Active Ambient Jazz Ensemble London, England (UK) Aura Album 2020
Active A Mote of Dust Sheffield, England (UK) A Mote Of Dust - Live at Mono Album 2020
Active Amplifier Manchester, England (UK) Live At Luxor Album 2018
Unknown Anatomy of the Bear Various Cities, England (UK) Alysu Album 2018
Active and Alice Bath, England (UK) Stay For The View Single 2019
Active Andrew Liles Various Cities, England (UK) IT'S ONLY PAIN Album 2021
Active ...And The Earth Swarmed With Them Various Cities, England (UK) Agoraphobia Single 2021
Active anglezarke Manchester, England (UK) Are We Good Enough? Single 2021
Active Annina Melissa London, England (UK) Lost Worlds Album 2020
Active Antennas to Heaven Newcastle Upon Tyne, England (UK) It's Still in Finland Album 2021
Active Archelon Sheffield, England (UK) TRIBE OF SUNS Album 2018
Active Arx Atrata Nottingham, England (UK) Spiritus In Terra Album 2016
Active Asam London, England (UK) Tide Single 2019
Active Asian Death Crustacean London, England (UK) Baikal Album 2020
Active Asira Reading, England (UK) Efference Album 2017
Active Astral Bodies Manchester, England (UK) Escape Death Album 2020
Active Autumn Chorus Brighton, England (UK) Long Goodbye (Charity Single) Single 2016
Active Autumn in Hiroshima (Goddaughter) London, England (UK) A I H |M3llO Album 2012
Active AVAWAVES London, England (UK) Chrysalis Album 2021
Unknown Awoke Various Cities, England (UK) I EP 2012
Active AWOOGA Sheffield, England (UK) Session Album 2019
Active Axes London, England (UK) Double A Side EP 2018
Active Azure Lake Northampton, England (UK) Azure Lake EP 2020
Active Ba'al Sheffield, England (UK) Ellipsism Album 2020