Artists from Germany

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active Dresden, Germany Zyklus Album 2020
Defunct abesse 2/084 Rostock, Germany Synopsis Album 2014
Active Abest Göttingen, Germany Noise Of Euphoria EP 2020
Active ACID ROOSTER Leipzig, Germany Acid Rooster Album 2019
Defunct Administration Shock Him Würzburg, Germany Zabriskie Album 2013
Unknown A Dog Called Ego Hamburg, Germany Songs For Elevators Album 2013
Active Agnes Obel Berlin, Germany Myopia Album 2020
Active Agrypnie Various Cities, Germany Pavor Nocturnus Album 2018
Active Ah! Kosmos Berlin, Germany Beautiful Swamp Album 2018
Active a hundred years Stuttgart, Germany it feels like EP 2019
Active Albatrosses Over Munich Bamberg, Germany When Everything Is Said And Done EP 2020
Active Alex's Hand Berlin, Germany Hungarian Spa Album 2019
Active Altrucent Schwemlingen, Germany Adrift Album 2020
Unknown AMBER Marburg, Germany Amber​/​Locktender Split Split 2014
Active A Moon Superior Various Cities, Germany Ever Since A New Beginning Album 2020
Active Amour Vache Düsseldorf, Germany AMOUR VACHE Album 2021
Active Antikaroshi Various Cities, Germany Extract. Transform. Debase. Album 2021
Active Apoa Dresden, Germany Kryonaut Album 2021
Active A Poor Man's Memory Dresden, Germany Stücke zu Politik und Gesellschaft Album 2015
Active APORIE Cologne, Germany Come To (Ft. No Translation) Split 2020
Active Arbeitsgruppe Warschau Hamm, Germany Reflected EP 2014
Unknown Arktika Cologne, Germany at zero Album 2020
Active Asarhaddon Germany Reysa Album 2020
Active A Secret Revealed Würzburg, Germany Sacrifices Album 2019
Active As Giants Fail Kiel, Germany Panthalassa Album 2017
Active A Spark In The Void Munich, Germany The Journey Album 2021
Active At The Grove Münster, Germany ...And All The Fear We Left Behind Album 2021
Defunct Audiocæneat! Dresden, Germany Unfinished Album Album 2019
Unknown Aureole Effect Various Cities, Germany The New Beginning EP 2012
Active Außerwelt Münster, Germany Transitions Album 2017
Active AwAy Various Cities, Germany Ödnis EP 2018
Active Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree Stuttgart, Germany Grandmother Album 2019
Active BELLROPE Mannheim, Germany You Must Relax Album 2019
Active Below A Silent Sky Various Cities, Germany A View From Afar Album 2018
Active Bersarin Quartett Münster, Germany methoden und maschinen Album 2019
Active Bipolar Architecture Berlin, Germany Dystopia is the Reality Single 2020
Active BLACK TO COMM Hamburg, Germany Before After Album 2019
Active blæck fox Mainz, Germany split w/ morasth Split 2018
Active Blast Unicorn Berlin, Germany Ausgeburt of Love EP 2015
Unknown BLCKWVS Münster/Bielefeld/Dortmund/Hamburg, Germany 0160 Instrumental Album 2019
Active Bogatzke Various Cities, Germany Momento Kolekto EP 2016
Active Bohren & Der Club of Gore Various Cities, Germany Patchouli Blue Album 2020
Active [ B O L T ] Duisburg, Germany [ B O L T ] & Harald Schulte Split 2020
Active Bonjour Tristesse Munich, Germany Your Ultimate Urban Nightmare Album 2018
Active Boulevard Nights Various Cities, Germany Colored Shadows Album 2014
Active BRUECKEN Oldenburg, Germany Schall und Raum Album 2019
Unknown Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit Berlin, Germany Secret Rhythms 5 Album 2013
Active Camel Driver Kiel, Germany \ / Album 2020
Active cataya Various Cities, Germany firn Album 2018
Unknown Caudal Berlin, Germany Fight Cry Fight Album 2018