Artists from Greece

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 1000mods Chiliomodi, Greece Repeated exposure to​.​.​. Album 2016
Active adarkah ianqu Thessaloníki, Greece vague memory Album 2019
Active Additional Scene Various Cities, Greece Symposium Album 2018
Active Adolf Plays The Jazz Athens, Greece Low Life | We Can't Lose. We Have Already Lost. Album 2022
Active Afformance Athens, Greece Music For Imaginary Film #1 Album 2017
Active AGNES VEIN Thessaloniki, Greece AGNES VEIN​-​SADHUS 7" split EP 2016
Active Alex S.Tsigkourakos Athens, Greece Ambivalence Album 2020
Active Allochiria Athens, Greece Throes Album 2017
Active Amniac Piraeus, Greece Matriarch Album 2017
Active anadelta Athens, Greece Supposing We Haven't Reached A Deadend Album 2015
Active astrogen (αστρογόνο) Athens, Greece αστρογόνο Album 2017
Active BadTrip Thessaloniki, Greece When Nothing Claims To Be Something EP 2018
Active Berehynia Thessaloniki, Greece Nourishing Rites Album 2018
Active Between Sky & Sea Athens, Greece What Matters Most EP 2021
Active Black Hole Distortion Athens, Greece REACTION TIME EP 2020
Active Burn The Sun Athens, Greece Crack of Dawn Album 2014
Active Caldera Athens, Greece Tephra EP 2019
Active Calf Karditsa, Greece ___ EP 2019
Active Chaostar Athens, Greece The Undivided Light Album 2018
Active Chasing Dots Athens, Greece Past​.​Present​.​We EP 2018
Active Coherent Solitude Athens, Greece The Void Album 2019
Active Creshna Various Cities, Greece There Can Be No Life In The Void Album 2020
Active Damirah Patras, Greece Lights and Guns and Fire Album 2017
Active deadfile Various Cities, Greece The Oddity of Human Structures Album 2019
Active Dead Flag Blues Athens, Greece Traumatique Album 2021
Active Echo Basement Athens, Greece No Form Of Human Government Album 2019
Active Egoera Athens, Greece Fortuna Album 2020
Active Emi Path Athens, Greece The shadow Album 2017
Active Ephemeral Echoes Patras, Greece Ascension Album 2021
Active Fantom Kosmonauts Thessaloniki, Greece Passengers Of An Interstellar Ride Single 2020
Active Fields of Locust Patras, Greece 35 Album 2016
Active Girls on Bread Athens, Greece A Great Slam and Then Some Album 2020
Active Halocraft Giannitsa, Greece A Mother to Scare Away the Darkness Album 2021
Defunct Hedvika Athens, Greece The Evidence Of Absence Album 2013
Active heliotropio Athens, Greece Vega Album 2020
Active HYLAS Athens, Greece Athena Album 2019
Active i am no hero Athens, Greece Nights of Wonder Album 2020
Active James Basdanis Ioannina, Greece Diddycoy EP 2020
Active Judas Conspiracy Theory Athens, Greece Omni Album 2018
Active Kalpa Athens, Greece A Grand Misconception Album 2019
Active Living Under Drones Ioannina, Greece Our Convulsing Stomachs Swallowed Our Exhausted Selves: This Is the Manifestation of an Almost Pathological State of Terror Album 2018
Active madebygrey Athens, Greece No closure EP 2019
Active Mammock Athens, Greece Itch EP 2020
Active Mass Culture Athens, Greece Primal | Ephemeral Album 2018
Active Message in a Cloud Athens, Greece Reißenstrasse Single 2020
Active misuse Athens, Greece April Album 2011
Active MONTEZUMA Lamia, Greece Montezuma Album 2016
Active moody alien Thessaloniki, Greece EVIL Album 2020
Active Movement of Static Thessaloniki, Greece Naegleria Album 2018
Active Naxatras Thessaloniki, Greece Live Rituals at Gagarin 205 Album 2018