Artists from India

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 10 Billion Lights Imphal, India Under The Ocean Single 2020
Active Across Seconds Mumbai, India Four Light Years from Home Album 2018
Active A Dot In The Sky Kolkata, India Breath Single 2020
Active A Mutual Question Pune, India CONNECT Album 2020
Active Anuraj Dadhich Mumbai, India Before Memories Single 2020
Active Arav Krishnan Bengaluru, India Ascent Single 2021
Active aswekeepsearching Pune, India I I I I EP 2020
Active Ayan Das Bengaluru, India Early Stories EP 2017
Active BEGUM Delhi, India Sweet Nectar Single 2018
Active Beluga Mumbai, India Seeking Atlantis Album 2020
Active Bevar Sea Bengaluru, India The Timeless Zone Album 2022
Active Bienwolf Pune, India Blasphemy Alley EP 2018
Active Black Letters Bengaluru, India Still As You Album 2019
Active Blackstratblues Mumbai, India When It's Time Album 2019
Active BREAKDOWNPANDA Bengaluru, India Moronic Outbursts EP 2018
Active Cartwheel Over Moon Delhi, India And Memories Remain Album 2022
Defunct Cat Kamikazee Pune, India Raining Cats EP 2016
Active Celestial Teapot Pune, India Perception EP 2020
Active Colorblind Pune, India The Evangelist Album 2022
Active Coma Rossi Bengaluru, India Coma Rossi Album 2018
Active Cosmic Rhythms Mumbai, India S/T EP 2021
Active Dark Light Bengaluru, India In Space and Time Album 2020
Active Diarchy Bengaluru, India Splitfire Album 2020
Active DIRGE Mumbai, India Ah Puch Album 2018
Active Dualist Inquiry Delhi, India Life Forms EP 2019
Active Easy Wanderlings Bengaluru, India As Written In The Stars Album 2016
Defunct Farfetch'd Bengaluru, India Southern Skies Motel Album 2016
Active Fellow Swimmers Guwahati, India Morning Deathstar EP 2019
Active Five of Castles Mumbai, India Bloom Single 2020
Active Flaw & Order Bengaluru, India Evaporated People Album 2019
Active Fleur Rouge Mumbai, India Ballades En Ville EP 2020
Active Fluorescent Forest Calicut, India Illuminated Roots Single 2019
Unknown Gabriel Daniel Various Cities, India
Active Haiku-like Imagination Bengaluru, India Eat Lead, Motherbuzzer! Album 2019
Active Hitherto Delhi, India Hitherto. EP 2020
Active HOIRONG Delhi, India Hope & Light Album 2020
Active Home Brewed Universe Hyderabad, India Triah Album 2022
Active Human Konstrukt Jabalpur, India Recourse for tomorrow EP 2020
Active Incoherent Space Belgaum, India We Lost The Way Single 2020
Active Inside an Ocean Bengaluru, India Extinction Single 2020
Active Ioish Delhi, India What You Need It For Single 2022
Active Jatin Talukdar Mumbai, India Escapism Single 2017
Active June Shillong, India Modular Single 2020
Active Jupiter Trap Mumbai, India Parallel Union EP 2020
Active KRAKEN. Delhi, India LUSH (instrumental) Album 2019
Active Labyrinth Pune, India Dream Logic EP 2019
Active Last Known Surroundings Various Cities, India Pier 84 Single 2020
Active Letterz Mumbai, India Imagine Salt Album 2020
Active Lines in Space Bengaluru, India Avayuna Single 2020
Active Liquid Memoirs Kochi, India Saudade EP 2020