Artists from Indonesia

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active afternoon say Bandung, Indonesia Far EP 1970
Defunct Aksi dan Reaksi Jakarta, Indonesia Demo EP 2010
Defunct angina Yogyakarta, Indonesia Lost in Revere Single 2000
Defunct a slow in dance Bandung, Indonesia We Hate This But We Need To Survive EP 2006
Active Attilion Jakarta, Indonesia It's So Wonderful Album 2022
Unknown autumn ode Bandung, Indonesia Crossroads Single 1970
Active Bowo Christantyo Jakarta, Indonesia A Trip to The Universe Album 2020
Active Chasing Noise Jakarta, Indonesia Wonderland Album 2018
Active derau Depok, Indonesia Boundaries EP 2016
Active dirtylight Yogyakarta, Indonesia Stuck Single 1970
Active dwaninungka Jakarta, Indonesia Senja EP 2016
Defunct ellipsis Bandung, Indonesia Tigris Single 1970
Active eveleen Magelang, Indonesia Beneath The Skyline Single 2020
Active ezarr Jakarta, Indonesia Homebodies Album 2019
Unknown Hand of Fatima Yogyakarta, Indonesia Confusion EP 2017
Unknown hecht Surabaya, Indonesia kekkai Single 2014
Active HIDE Palembang, Indonesia ANTROPOSFER Single 2020
Unknown i Malang, Indonesia Split Album Album 2016
Active imsorryimlost Malang, Indonesia 50​:​50 Album 2017
Unknown individual life Yogyakarta, Indonesia Paripurna Single 1970
Active In Inertia Jakarta, Indonesia Efflorescence EP 2020
Active KarnaTra Jakarta, Indonesia Erlang EP 2019
Active Lament Bekasi, Indonesia Morris Album 2022
Active lightspace Bandung, Indonesia Levias EP 2017
Active LILY OF THE VALLEY Denpasar, Indonesia Restless Soul Single 2019
Active minoria Bekasi, Indonesia Fri​.​day EP 2020
Active Murphy radio Samarinda, Indonesia Murphy Radio EP 2018
Active my violaine morning Bandung, Indonesia Digital Single 2018
Active niskala Yogyakarta, Indonesia Hourglass Album 2018
Unknown others Surabaya, Indonesia if theres no tomorrow Single 1970
Unknown Overlee Jakarta, Indonesia Comrades EP 2014
Active Pacific Ocean Colour Bekasi, Indonesia Share Your Light Album 2019
Active Pure Wrath Various Cities, Indonesia Sempiternal Wisdom Album 2018
Unknown qibe Jakarta, Indonesia Nafas Batin (NBCD051) Album 2015
Active semiotika Various Cities, Indonesia Ruang Album 2015
Active Senja Dalam Prosa Surakarta, Indonesia Rebas Single 2019
Active Soulless Various Cities, Indonesia Hope EP 2021
Active Spaceandmissile Various Cities, Indonesia Play - Rewind - Erase EP 2017
Active Summer Effect Bekasi, Indonesia Dusk Single 2019
Active The Trees Strip Bandung, Indonesia Trip To Tibet Album 2017
Active Vallendusk Jakarta, Indonesia Fortress of Primal Grace Album 2018