Artists from Italy

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 10 Waves of You Vigevano, Italy Sail EP 2016
Active 11xxx27 Orta Di Atella, Italy The reality is inexorably destined to decline Album 2017
Active 124C41+ Terni, Italy Colpisci più forte piccolobosco! / Giac, quant'è lontana l'altra via? EP 2019
Active 1782 Ossi, Italy 1782 Album 2018
Unknown 42DE Palermo, Italy Fall Of The Moon Album 2018
Active 7parsec Various Cities, Italy Red Comet Album 1970
Active Action Wire Rome, Italy Action Wire Album 2018
Active Adam Ford Turin, Italy Absolute (Feat. GRAEDA) Single 2020
Active A Good Man Goes To War Turin, Italy The sounds of a large crowd Album 2020
Active Aikira Tortoreto, Italy Light Cut Album 2018
Active Ai Margini Della Città Apulia, Italy Looking Through, Looking For EP 2019
Unknown All Singers You Are Bastard Rome, Italy
Active Alnea Turin, Italy The Last Album 2019
Active AMOUTH Arezzo, Italy AWAKEN Album 2014
Active Amp Rive Reggio Emilia, Italy Irma Vep Album 2012
Active Andy Bruss Milan, Italy Change EP 2020
Active A New Silent Corporation Vicenza, Italy Odyssea Album 2016
Active Animals at the end Lugo, Italy Jayus EP 2020
Active Apeirophilia Genoa, Italy Interrelate: L​.​U​.​A. EP 2019
Active A P N E A Bari, Italy Under Oath Single 2020
Active Aralus Teramo, Italy There is a blurry light against the twisted branches EP 2021
Unknown Architecture of the Universe Firenze, Italy Il Grande Freddo Album 2012
Unknown Arctic Plateau Various Cities, Italy Les Discrets/ Arctic Plateau - Split EP EP 2016
Active Armonite Pavia, Italy And The Stars Above Album 2018
Active Arya Rimini, Italy Endesires Album 2018
Active Asa's Mezzanine Various Cities, Italy When She Met Herself Album 2022
Active Ash of Nubia Turin, Italy Medemia Argun EP 2012
Active Astetal Vicenza, Italy Veliger Album 2020
Active ASTRO Reggio Emilia, Italy ASTRO EP 2018
Active Atom Made Earth Ancona, Italy Severance Album 2019
Unknown Augure Caserta, Italy Apnea Album 2019
Active Australasia Various Cities, Italy Please please please let me get what i want Single 2021
Active Avangressive Padua, Italy Blending Galaxia and The Synthetic Formations Album 2015
Active Babel Fish Modena, Italy Follow Me When I Leave EP 2018
Active Black Kalmar Skull Various Cities, Italy New Horizons Single 2019
Active BLAZE OF SORROW Mantova, Italy Absentia Album 2020
Active Boring Machines Treviso, Italy My Dear Killer - Collectable Items Album 2020
Active Bruno Bavota Naples, Italy Get Lost Album 2019
Active Burasca La Spezia, Italy BUrASCA EP 2017
Active Calendula Parma, Italy Hiveminds - De Brevitate Vitae Album 2019
Active Calista Divine Various Cities, Italy CALISTA DIVINE Album 2011
Active Cambrian Alassio, Italy Mobular Album 2017
Active CAMERA237 Cosenza, Italy The Lie and The Escape Album 2018
Active Carlo Giustini Treviso, Italy Le Voci dal Balcone Album 2020
Defunct Charun Cagliari, Italy Mundus Cereris Album 2018
Active CIJAN Turin, Italy REA​-​0919 Album 2019
Active claudio chianura Milan, Italy
Active Collapse.Rebuild. Milan, Italy Fail Again, Fail Better Album 2015
Active COLLARS Bologna, Italy TRACOMA Album 2020
Active Corde Oblique Naples, Italy La Strada Single 2020