Artists from Japan

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 1inamillion Tokyo, Japan ANIMAL / HIGHGAINNESSIE EP 2020
Defunct 3nd Tokyo, Japan world tour Album 2009
Unknown About Tess Tokyo, Japan ○月✕日 Single 2019
Active Akira Kosemura Tokyo, Japan Romance EP 2019
Active AMALA Tokyo, Japan Fragile Single 2020
Active Anoice Tokyo, Japan The Hidden Forest Album 2021
Active a picture of her Tokyo, Japan Unavailable EP 2019
Active Archaique Smile Tokyo, Japan Elegy EP 2017
Active Asunojokei Taito, Japan Island Album 2022
Active Atoms Lost in Space Okayama, Japan Wealth of Nations EP 2021
Active Black Summer Apartment Osaka, Japan delivery #01 EP 2019
Active Boredoms Osaka, Japan SAB SE PURANI BAB Album 2017
Active Boris Tokyo, Japan NO Album 2020
Active Broken Shoulder Tokyo, Japan Shark Islands: A Broken Shoulder Archipelago Album 2019
Active Celer Tokyo, Japan Future Predictions Album 2020
Unknown Cloud nine(9) Osaka, Japan Passage of Time EP 2014
Active December Tokyo, Japan Above The Fog Album 2019
Active Dhidalah Tokyo, Japan Threshold 発端 Album 2019
Active Downy Various Cities, Japan
Active Endurance Nara, Japan Light Leaks Album 2019
Active Envy Tokyo, Japan Seimei EP 2022
Active etna Kanazawa, Japan 1st demo Single 2020
Active films Tokyo, Japan dispersion Album 2020
Active Fox Capture Plan Tokyo, Japan
Active fulusu Tokyo, Japan The Nativity EP 2020
Active Gallery six Hiroshima, Japan Fresh Air Album 2020
Active Gargle Tokyo, Japan Wading in Shallow Waters Album 2018
Defunct Haisuinonasa Various Cities, Japan Animal Body Album 2012
Active Heaven in Her Arms Tokyo, Japan White Halo Album 2017
Active Hibari (雲雀) Kyoto, Japan lark (雲雀) EP 2018
Active Hirotaka Shirotsubaki Kobe, Japan slowdance​,​lowtide Album 2020
Active How to count to ten Tokyo, Japan Method of slow motion Album 2014
Unknown Hyakkei Osaka, Japan
Active Jacurutu Osaka, Japan Talismans Album 2020
Active JIRI Tokyo, Japan Decalogy Album 2018
Active jizue Kyoto, Japan gallery Album 2019
Unknown Kashiwa Daisuke Tokyo, Japan Re​:​RED Album 2017
Active Kikagaku Moyo Tokyo, Japan Masana Temples Album 2018
Unknown Kinoko Teikoku Tokyo, Japan
Active Kirye Tokyo, Japan Netami EP 2020
Unknown Kyojaku. Various Cities, Japan
Active LITE Tokyo, Japan Multiple Album 2019
Active Loop Pool Tokyo, Japan Now and Then Album 1970
Active Lop Abuse on Somebody Tokyo, Japan S/T EP 2015
Active loqto Tokyo, Japan Vasudeva × loqto Split Album EP 2019
Active Lostmortal Various Cities, Japan Liberation Album 2020
Defunct Low-pass Various Cities, Japan Trimurti Album 2011
Active Madoka Ogitani Tokyo, Japan Single collection vol​.​1 EP 2019
Defunct maiou Tokyo, Japan All Around Us Album 2008
Active Mari Kawasaki Tokyo, Japan Wildest Dreams EP 2020