Artists from Lithuania

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active Akli Kaunas, Lithuania TAIKA Album 2020
Active Aortes Vilnius, Lithuania Devouring Gloom Album 2023
Active Arcadia Repeats Vilnius, Lithuania Nebula Single 2017
Active Au-Dessus Vilnius, Lithuania End Of Chapter Album 2017
Unknown Black Holes Into The Streets Various Cities, Lithuania Last Mistakes Album 2015
Unknown Devlsy Vilnius, Lithuania A Parade of States EP 2014
Active Innvn Various Cities, Lithuania Hesitating. Possibly underestimating Album 2020
Active It Was Us Kaunas, Lithuania Tales of Confused but Still Bright Album 2020
Active Music InWallved Vilnius, Lithuania Metamorphosis Album 2017
Unknown Nihkeetah Vilnius, Lithuania Perceive​:​Create Album 2013
Active Stellardrone Various Cities, Lithuania Between The Rings EP 2017
Unknown The Picturesque Episodes Various Cities, Lithuania The Best of Ambient Album 2015
Active Veytra Vilnius, Lithuania In Dreamlike States Album 2019