Artists from Netherlands

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Defunct 35007 Eindhoven, Netherlands Phase V Album 2005
Active Aardling Friesland, Netherlands Unless We Unravel Ourselves Album 2020
Active A Fool's Errand s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands Gravitas Album 2019
Active Ainsoph Amsterdam, Netherlands Ω - V Album 2020
Active All shall be well (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well) Haarlem, Netherlands ZWARTGROEN Album 2020
Active An Autumn For Crippled Children Various Cities, Netherlands As The Morning Dawns We Close Our Eyes Album 2021
Active An Evening With Knives Eindhoven, Netherlands Sense of Gravity Album 2020
Active Antarctic Wastelands Amsterdam, Netherlands Frozen Voyage EP 2019
Active Basilisk Various Cities, Netherlands The Journey EP 2021
Active Beequeen Nijmegen, Netherlands Wander Single 2016
Active Bismut Nijmegen, Netherlands Retrocausality Album 2020
Active cold body radiation Various Cities, Netherlands i fell into the unknown light Album 2019
Active Crows Labyrinth Various Cities, Netherlands Our Last Dream EP 2020
Active Easing The Badger Wageningen, Netherlands The End to the Everlasting Night Album 2017
Active Echo Grid Rotterdam, Netherlands King of Nothing EP 2020
Active Fire Walk With Us Amsterdam, Netherlands Point of origin Album 2018
Active FLOWERS Amsterdam, Netherlands DOOM CITY Album 2019
Active FLUISTERAARS Gelderland, Netherlands Gegrepen Door de Geest der Zielsontluiking Album 2021
Active Franck Johanson Enschede, Netherlands vår Single 2018
Active Gavran Rotterdam, Netherlands Still Unavailing Album 2020
Active GNAW THEIR TONGUES Smallingerland, Netherlands GENOCIDAL MAJESTY Album 2018
Active GOLD Rotterdam, Netherlands The Archive Sessions Album 2020
Active Grey Aura Utrecht, Netherlands 2: De bezwijkende deugd Album 2019
Active Habitants Nijmegen, Netherlands One self Album 2018
Active HATY HATY Various Cities, Netherlands High As The Sun Album 2016
Unknown I could float here forever Various Cities, Netherlands Chrysalis Album 2014
Active Illuster Haarlem, Netherlands Iridescent EP 2019
Active ISKANDR Nijmegen, Netherlands Euprosopon Album 2018
Active IZAH Tilburg, Netherlands Sistere EP 2015
Active just big hills Arnhem, Netherlands When You Forgive EP 2018
Active Klangstof The Hague, Netherlands Alike Album 2019
Active KUHN FU Groningen, Netherlands CHAIN THE SNAKE Album 2019
Active Labasheeda Amsterdam, Netherlands Status Seeking Album 2020
Active Laster Utrecht, Netherlands Het Wassen Oog Album 2019
Active Leechfeast Nijmegen, Netherlands Village Creep EP 2019
Active Mansur Various Cities, Netherlands MINOTAVRVS Album 2021
Active Mantra Machine Amsterdam, Netherlands Heliosphere Album 2019
Active Massa Rotterdam, Netherlands Walls EP 2018
Active Melancholie Amersfoort, Netherlands Agonie Album 2019
Active Mescaliner Haarlem, Limburg, Netherlands Chapters of a decade EP 2018
Active Monomyth The Hague, Netherlands Orbis Quadrantis Album 2019
Active Mühr Amsterdam, Netherlands Messiah Single 2013
Active My Arrival Various Cities, Netherlands Satur9 & Indigo Album 2020
Active Nauseahtake Amsterdam, Netherlands Savaris Iyr Qaddish Single 2018
Active Novaria Amsterdam, Netherlands EP 1 EP 2017
Active Old Tower Arnhem, Netherlands The Last Eidolon Album 2020
Active Omgeving Various Cities, Netherlands Wijde Wijdte Album 2018
Active Ophiuchi Utrecht, Netherlands Bifurcaria Bifurcata Album 2018
Active Our Oceans Various Cities, Netherlands Our Oceans Album 2015
Active Pieter Nooten Amsterdam, Netherlands April Cold Single 2021