Artists from Portugal

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 10 000 Russos Porto, Portugal Kompromat Album 2019
Active Allamedah Lisbon, Portugal Rio Single 1970
Active All The Way To Venus Lisbon, Portugal Adelia Single 2018
Active Astrodome Porto, Portugal II Album 2018
Active Before and After Science Porto, Portugal Relics & Cycles Album 2017
Active Burial Ground for Butterflies Various Cities, Portugal Do you mind if I wear it when you're gone? Single 2021
Active Catacombe Porto, Portugal Scintilla Album 2019
Active CERCA Caldas Da Rainha, Portugal VII Album 2017
Active Deepbreathers Porto, Portugal EP1 EP 2016
Active Diamond Gloss Lisbon, Portugal FLK Album 2020
Defunct Ehgo Porto, Portugal Ehgo EP 2014
Active Eir Guimaraes, Portugal Unwinding Tapes Album 2018
Defunct Esteban Device Lisbon, Portugal Esteban Device EP 2008
Active Faux Tapes Various Cities, Portugal Faux Tapes Album 2019
Active F E R E Porto, Portugal Montedor Album 2018
Active First Breath After Coma Leiria, Portugal NU Album 2019
Active Galgo Lisbon, Portugal Parte Chão Album 2020
Active GRUA Lisbon, Portugal Do You Think God Listens to These Machines Album 2020
Active handwrist Lisbon, Portugal Tribulation Album 2019
Active Homem Em Catarse Margens do Cávado, Portugal sete fontes EP 2021
Defunct How Comes The Constellations Shine Lisbon, Portugal Mémoire Album 2013
Active Imploding Stars Braga, Portugal Riverine ao vivo no Porta 253 EP 2019
Active indignu Barcelos, Portugal adeus Album 2022
Active Juseph Various Cities, Portugal Óreida Album 2019
Active La Flag Lisbon, Portugal spargelzeit Album 2014
Active Linda Martini Lisbon, Portugal Linda Martini Album 2018
Active MEMOIRS OF A SECRET EMPIRE Vouzela, Portugal Vertigo Album 2016
Active Noiserv Lisbon, Portugal Meio Single 2020
Active Nyobe Oliveira De Azeméis, Portugal Gradus EP 2015
Active Okkur Barcelos, Portugal Whispering Mountain Album 2014
Active perfect katsuragi Leiria, Portugal Disjointed EP 2018
Active Pledge Various Cities, Portugal Haunted Visions Album 2021
Active ragingplanet Lisbon, Portugal Wells Valley - Reconcile The Antinomy Album 2020
Active Riding Panico Lisbon, Portugal Rabo de Cavalo Album 2017
Active Símio Viana do Castelo, Portugal Hominoid Album 2020
Active Sinistro Lisbon, Portugal Sangue Cassia Album 2018
Active Telephony Barcelos, Portugal Mayday Album 2015
Active The Black Zebra Porto, Portugal Nonsquare Album 2017
Active The Last Day of Winter Ovar, Portugal Bears Album 2016
Active The New Geometry Porto, Portugal Singularity Single 2017
Active Then They Flew Lisbon, Portugal Stable as the Earth Stops Spinning EP 2015
Active This Penguin Can Fly Braga, Portugal For All Our Hopes. For All Our Dreams. Album 2022
Active Urso Bardo Lisbon, Portugal Vida e Morte de D. Antónia Album 2019
Active Verbian Porto, Portugal Irrupção Album 2021
Active Vircator Viana do Castelo, Portugal Sar​-​I​-​Sang Album 2017
Active We All Die! What A Circus! Various Cities, Portugal Deprived Of Human Touch Album 2020
Active WELLS VALLEY Lisbon, Portugal The Orphic Album 2017
Active When The Angels Breathe Lisbon, Portugal Wolf´s Spirit is Alive Single 2017
Active Windbreak Vale De Cambra, Portugal Define Us Album 2017
Active Wistful Porto, Portugal Metempsychosis Album 2018