Artists from Scotland (UK)

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active All I See is an Empty Circle Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) Meridian Album 2019
Active All On Fire, Falling To Earth Various Cities, Scotland (UK) Vessels Album 2021
Active A Sea of Dead Trees Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Garmonbozia Album 2021
Active A Sudden Burst Of Colour Motherwell, Scotland (UK) Transgressor​/​Decoder [AA] EP 2020
Defunct Aylesbury Yacht Club Annan, Scotland (UK) Sink or Swim EP 2011
Active Barshasketh Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) Barshasketh Album 2019
Active Ben Chatwin Queensferry, Scotland (UK) The Hum Album 2020
Active Beneath a Steel Sky Glasgow, Scotland (UK) The Sparrow and the Saint Single 2020
Active Blair Coron Glasgow, Scotland (UK) On The Nature Of Things Album 2019
Active Blood of the Mother Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Shura EP 2020
Active Bosphorus Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Slow Burn Album 2020
Active Cahill Costello Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Offworld Album 2021
Active Canal Capitale Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Two Tracks EP 2019
Active Caught In The Wake Forever Paisley, Scotland (UK) Version & Delineation EP 2018
Active Dead White Males Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) Without Music EP 2020
Active DVNE Edinbrugh, Scotland (UK) Etemen Ænka Album 2021
Active Falloch Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Diabolus EP 2020
Active Fatherson Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Sum of All Your Parts Album 2018
Active Flux Velociraptor Linlithgow, Scotland (UK) Velociraptor Attractor Album 2018
Active Frontierer Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Unloved Album 2018
Active Glass City Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) All Those Shapes Were Made To Fit EP 2019
Active Graham Costello Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Second Lives Album 2021
Active Grand Tour Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Clocks That Tick (But Never Talk) Album 2019
Active Harsh Winters Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) The Marriage of a Killer and a Bird Song Album 2019
Active Human Pyramids Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Power Pose Album 2019
Active In:tides Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Silent Dusk EP 2020
Active Karma for Vandals Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) Voa EP 2020
Active Kinbrae Various Cities, Scotland (UK) Landforms Album 2019
Active Klone Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) Cardinals Album 2016
Active Lamina Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Lamina (Track Version) Album 2019
Active Last Days Various Cities, Scotland (UK) Fragments Album 2019
Active Magogaio Stirling, Scotland (UK) Memorial EP 2021
Active Matthew Collings Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) Uzonia Album 2019
Active maud the moth Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) Orphnē Album 2020
Active Michael Hamilton Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Pale Shadows of Forgotten Names Album 2020
Active Mogwai Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Mogwai Single 2021
Active Mouse organ Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Home Album 2019
Active Nocte Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) Circumeuntes Album 2017
Active Of Spire & Throne Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) Penance Album 2018
Defunct Our Smallest Adventures Fife, Scotland (UK) The Quiet Terror of Being Alive EP 2016
Active Quietly Into The Night Various Cities, Scotland (UK) Moving Static Single 2020
Active Quiet, The Art Edinbrugh, Scotland (UK) And The Rains Came​/​Don’t Give Up, Hope EP 2021
Active Saor Various Cities, Scotland (UK) Origins Album 2022
Active Sithu Aye Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Homebound Album 2018
Active StarSystems Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) Lift Album 2019
Active Sun Shines Cold Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) Alone EP 2021
Active Sunwølf Aberdeen, Scotland (UK) Grieve EP 2020
Unknown Tenaya Aberdeen, Scotland (UK) Louder Than Words Single 2017
Active The Cherry Wave Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Rotter Single 2019
Active The Gothenburg Address Edinburgh, Scotland (UK) A lesser coming home EP 2019