Artists from South Africa

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active albinobeach Johannesburg, South Africa The Ladder Album 2020
Unknown Alruin Various Cities, South Africa Alruin EP 2018
Active Bateleur Cape Town, South Africa Bateleur Album 2016
Active Benguela Cape Town, South Africa Are You Awake? Album 2020
Active Constellatia Cape Town, South Africa The Language of Limbs Album 2019
Unknown Eyes Like Mirrors Johannesburg, South Africa Crusades EP 2011
Active follow me follow you Pretoria, South Africa Astronomical Sunset 8" EP 2018
Active Glamaticus Cape Town, South Africa Journeys Of Love EP 2019
Active Guy Buttery Durban, South Africa Nāḍī Album 2019
Active Her Stems Spiral Cape Town, South Africa Sobbed The Swaying Spirit, "May I Have This Last Dance​?​" Single 2018
Unknown kidofdoom Pretoria, South Africa My Faith in War Album 1970
Active Kings of Improg Johannesburg, South Africa Henosis Album 2017
Unknown Lemuria Johannesburg, South Africa Carmine Skies EP 2013
Active Lionsbreath Cape Town, South Africa S​/​T EP 2020
Active Mad God Johannesburg, South Africa Tales of a Sightless City Album 2017
Active Martin Dugdales' Stuck In Purgatory Johannesburg, South Africa Stuck in Purgatory EP 2015
Active Morning Pages Cape Town, South Africa paralysis & control EP 2016
Active New Earth Johannesburg, South Africa Magi EP 2013
Defunct Night Sky Empire Johannesburg, South Africa Demo EP 2011
Active Ohgod Cape Town, South Africa The Great Silence Album 2017
Unknown Paving The Labyrinth Johannesburg, South Africa Polyopia Album 2014
Active Poverty of Ideals Johannesburg, South Africa Barriers Album 2013
Active Savage Lucy Johannesburg, South Africa Reverie Album 2015
Active Sondrous Cape Town, South Africa Something Like Serenity Album 2018
Active STRAGE Durban, South Africa The Fire in Hell Album 2012
Active Synthmospheria Pretoria, South Africa Polymatica Album 2020
Unknown Tale of the Son Johannesburg, South Africa Tale of the Son Album 2011
Active Technopath Various Cities, South Africa Rainbow Road FT. Joey Izzo (Arch Echo) & Ryan Cho Single 2018
Defunct The Ocean Doesn't Want Me Pretoria, South Africa The Reins EP 2015
Unknown Us Kids Know Johannesburg, South Africa Jingle Jizz EP 2011
Active We Set Sail Johannesburg, South Africa Animal EP 2015
Active Wildernessking Cape Town, South Africa Mystical Future Album 2016
Active With Dawn Cape Town, South Africa TETHYS Album 2017
Active Yndian Mynah Cape Town, South Africa The Boys Scribbled Like Mad Album 2022