Artists from USA

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 100 Onces Los Angeles, California, USA 100 Onces Album 2014
Active +1476+ Salem, Massachusetts, USA Our Season Draws Near Album 2017
Active 1 Mile North New York City, New York, USA Tombs & Cocoons Album 2020
Active 2552 Phillipsburg, New Jersey, USA Only Silence EP 2020
Active 30 Fathom Grave Phoenix, Arizona, USA Aurora Album 2017
Active 4 Airports Beacon, New York, USA DriP mechanic Single 2019
Active 51 Peg Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA Cut The Wire EP 2020
Defunct A. Armada Athens, Georgia, USA NEVER COME DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAIN Album 2014
Active ABANDONS Denver, Colorado, USA Live at Mutiny Information Cafe Live 2021
Active Abby Gundersen Seattle, Washington, USA Light in Between EP 2017
Active Aberdeen New York City, New York, USA Downpour Album 2019
Active Absently Nashville, Tennessee, USA Entropy EP 2018
Active Acid Aura Wilmington, North Carolina, USA Lavandula Album 2017
Active A Cloud for Climbing Phoenix, Arizona, USA Tight Eye Tie Dye Album 2014
Active A Collective Subconscious Portland, Oregon, USA Sanskara Album 2017
Active A Constant Knowledge of Death Worchester, Massachusetts, USA Vol. III​.​d: Impermanence EP 2019
Active Across The Snow Provo, Utah, USA Atmospherers EP 2018
Active Across Waters Denton, Texas, USA A House Not Built with Hands Album 2016
Active Adam Dodson Austin, Texas, USA The Risk Of Dreaming Album 2021
Active Adam O'Connor Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA Wildblood EP 2021
Active A Death Cinematic Various Cities, Various States, USA CAGLIOSTRO Album 2019
Unknown Adormort Providence, Rhode Island, USA To Live and to Die Album 2019
Active A Film in Color Various Cities, New Jersey, USA They March in Endless Circles Album 2018
Defunct A Five And Dime Austin, Texas, USA Sketchbook Vol. 1 Album 2005
Active After Nations Kansas City, Missouri, USA The Endless Mountain Album 2022
Unknown After Osmosis Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA What Do You See When You Dream? Album 2016
Defunct Agalloch Portland, Oregon, USA Faustian Echoes Single 2016
Active AGENT(S) Greensboro, North Carolina, USA Slate Tapes EP 2020
Active Agonal Various Cities, New Jersey, USA Soul Loss EP 2021
Active A Great Big Pile of Leaves New York City, New York, USA You're Always On My Mind Album 2013
Active Ahleuchatistas Asheville, North Carolina, USA Arrebato Album 2015
Active Airiel Chicago, Illinois, USA Bloom Album 2020
Active airport or telephone Greeneville, Tennessee, USA Prepare to Be No One Album 2019
Active Airships on the Water Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA An Arm Within Reach Single 2021
Defunct Aiua New Orleans, Louisiana, USA Aiua Album 2011
Active A Journey of Giraffes Baltimore, Maryland, USA Armenia Album 2020
Active Akaitsuki Los Angeles, California, USA Akaitsuki Album 2015
Active Akira Rabelais Chicago, Illinois, USA cxvi Album 2019
Active Akula Columbus, Ohio, USA Akula Album 2018
Active Alcove Bernards, New Jersey, USA As We Know It Album 2019
Active Alex Somers Los Angeles, California, USA Siblings Album 2021
Active Aliens Overhead Fort Worth, Texas, USA Between the Ghosts & Me Album 2020
Active A Light Within Kansas City, Missouri, USA Epilogue EP 2018
Active Align in Time Providence, Rhode Island, USA Men Without Chests & I Go Too (Acoustic) EP 2021
Unknown All Birds Are Bad Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA That's Too Dark, But We're Getting Closer Album 2019
Active Alleys Boise, Idaho, USA Future Self Album 2017
Active All Lights Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Young Morning Album 2017
Active Allora Mis Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Allora Mis EP 2017
Active ALLTHEANIMALSINTHEWORLD El Paso, Texas, USA The Ends Of The Earth Single 2020
Active All The Bright Lights Charlotte, North Carolina, USA The Wind & The Waves Album 2013