Artists playing Screamo

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active Around Train Station Nizhny Novgorod, Russia Долгая Жизнь Album 2017
Active Battle of Britain Memorial Various Cities, France We crave for our holy outsides Album 2019
Unknown Black Holes Into The Streets Various Cities, Lithuania Last Mistakes Album 2015
Active Chalk Hands Brighton, England (UK) Split w/ reveries & Okänt EP 2019
Active Earth Moves Brighton, England (UK) Human Intricacy Album 2019
Unknown Eyes of Amphibians Various Cities, Russia Separate But Equal EP 2012
Active FALL OF MESSIAH Saint Jans Cappel, France Senicarne Album 2020
Unknown Frieda's Still in Love Valladolid, Spain Diez inviernos Album 2015
Active Gatherers Bayonne, New Jersey, USA We Are Alive Beyond Repair Album 2018
Defunct Grand Détour Toulouse, France Tripalium Album 2015
Unknown Guantanamo Party Program Wrocław, Poland [5​:​02] (Reinterpretation by Echoes of Yul) Single 2019
Defunct Heart On My Sleeve Stockholm, Sweden In The Midst Of Hope And Nothingness Album 2015
Active Heaven in Her Arms Tokyo, Japan White Halo Album 2017
Active Incendiariat Bogota, Colombia MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ EP 2019
Active La Dispute Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA Panorama Album 2019
Active Leñadores Puebla, Mexico Fortem Fvtvrvm EP 2020
Defunct Like Rats From A Sinking Ship Trondheim, Norway We Get Along Like A House On Fire Album 2011
Active madebythefire Plzen, Czech Republic Story (Split with Goodfoul) Split 2017
Defunct Mahumodo Various Cities, England (UK) Waves Album 2003
Active Maira Vienna, Austria EP EP 2016
Active Nionde Plågan Various Cities, Sweden Reflektion Album 2019
Active ØØØ Various Cities, Sweden Sorger Och Behag EP 2018
Active Outubro Vigo, Spain EP 2022
Active Potence Besançon, France Le Culte Des Bourreaux Album 2019
Active Respire Toronto, Canada Black Line Album 2020
Active shallov Bratislava, Slovakia concrete & glass Album 2017
Active Suffocate for Fuck Sake Stockholm, Sweden Fyra Album 2021
Unknown THOUGHTS PAINT THE SKY Essen, Germany Nicht mal mehr wir selbst Album 2011
Active Valuna Rome, Italy Non piove ma è come se Album 2014
Active Vi som älskade varandra så mycket Stockholm, Sweden Det Onda. Det Goda. Det Vackra. Det Fula Album 2019
Active Waternoose Los Angeles, California, USA All Pain, No Feeling Album 2021
Active We Are Among Storms Copenhagen, Denmark The I In We Album 2021