Artists playing Trip Hop

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Defunct abesse 2/084 Rostock, Germany Synopsis Album 2014
Active Billy Ghost Chicago, Illinois, USA The Haunted Purple Bathtub Album 2020
Active Black Leather Birds Chicago, Illinois, USA The Color of Memory Album 2021
Active Bloomcore Melbourne, Australia Conduit Album 2021
Active electric orange Aachen, Germany EOXXV Album 2017
Active Gemini Tri Moscow, Russia Astroida Album 2020
Active HAELIUM Paris, France Expanding Album 2021
Active HANKUS Toronto, Canada Cityscapes [WIP] EP 2020
Active In Arcadia Rochester, England (UK) Phon - Part 4 Single 2021
Active OX7GEN Mumbai, India Recess EP 2015
Active REDNiCUiDO Madrid, Spain 06:24 EP 2021
Active Saltillo Chicago, Illinois, USA Ascension EP 2017
Active Slowly Rolling Camera Cardiff, Wales (UK) Where The Streets Lead Album 2021
Active Tor Vancouver, Canada Oasis Sky Album 2021
Active Yes Selma Baltimore, Maryland, USA Bliss Of Rumik Album 2021