Artists playing Indie Folk

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active Agnes Obel Berlin, Germany Myopia Album 2020
Active A Lily Brighton, England (UK) Wara Id​-​Dar EP 2019
Active Another Michael Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA New Music and Big Pop Album 2021
Active Ásgeir Reykjavík, Iceland The Toe Rag Acoustic Sessions Album 2013
Active Easy Wanderlings Bengaluru, India As Written In The Stars Album 2016
Active Fellow Swimmers Guwahati, India Morning Deathstar EP 2019
Active Fleet Foxes Seattle, Washington, USA Shore Album 2020
Active Fog Lake Glovertown, Canada new york Single 2019
Active Glittering Blackness, Fall Daejeon, South Korea Untitled Album 2014
Defunct Hitchcockgohome! Paris, France You Cannot Be Serious​!​.​.​. Album 2008
Active Into the Fray Stuttgart, Germany Into the Fray EP 2016
Active Julien Baker Memphis, Tennessee, USA Little Oblivions (Remixes) Album 2021
Active Mari Kawasaki Tokyo, Japan Wildest Dreams EP 2020
Active Natalie Evans London, England (UK) Better At Night Album 2018
Active Owen Chicago, Illinois, USA The Avalanche Album 2020
Active Papa M Los Angeles, California, USA ENDE (Split with A Broken Sail) EP 2019
Active Polar Institute (Rob Thorpe) Manchester, England (UK) Cartography Vol. 1 - Music of Philip Glass and Gavin Bryars EP 2019
Active Rachanachar Shimla, India Forth and Back EP 2019
Active Stuck in November Bengaluru, India First Visit To Camp Telepathy EP 2017
Active Tara Jane O'Neil Los Angeles, California, USA Songs For Peacock Album 2019
Active Target Archery Perth, Australia the nomenclature of kites Album 2020
Active TESA Valmiera, Latvia C O N T R O L Album 2020
Active The Last Dinosaur London, England (UK) Me & Magdalena Single 2018
Defunct There Will be Fireworks Glasgow, Scotland (UK) Because, Because Album 2011
Active The Shining Tongues London, England (UK) Milk Of God Album 2021