Artists playing Dark Ambient

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 11xxx27 Orta Di Atella, Italy The reality is inexorably destined to decline Album 2017
Active 51 Peg Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA Cut The Wire EP 2020
Active 7thSun Newcastle Upon Tyne, England (UK) The Winding Stair Album 2020
Active adarkah ianqu Thessaloníki, Greece vague memory Album 2019
Active A Death Cinematic Various Cities, Various States, USA CAGLIOSTRO Album 2019
Active AGENT(S) Greensboro, North Carolina, USA Slate Tapes EP 2020
Active ALCÔVE Paris, France Alcôve 03 Album 2020
Active All On Fire, Falling To Earth Various Cities, Scotland (UK) Vessels Album 2021
Active Amalunga Various Cities, Russia We Are Stardust, This Is Our Sound Album 2022
Active Amnion Melbourne, Australia Maelstrom Album 2018
Active A Moon Superior Various Cities, Germany Ever Since A New Beginning Album 2020
Active Anarch Dayton, Ohio, USA Talsa EP 2021
Active Ancient Voice Mukacheve, Ukraine Path of Solitude Album 2019
Active Andecember Various Cities, California, USA Zantetsuken Album 2021
Active Anthony Scott Collyer-Ashworth Reno, Nevada, USA The Burning of Dead Moss Album 2020
Active aokigahara Las Vegas, Nevada, USA aokigahara Album 2015
Active APORIE Cologne, Germany Come To (Ft. No Translation) Split 2020
Active Arash Azadi Yerevan, Armenia Geosonic Journeys Album 2017
Active Arx Atrata Nottingham, England (UK) Spiritus In Terra Album 2016
Active Asher Graieg-Morrison Sydney, Australia 「process」 Album 2019
Active Ashtoreth Antwerp, Belgium HERETIC (ft. GREY MALKIN) Split 2021
Active a stick and a stone Various Cities, Oregon, USA versatile Album 2021
Active Astrophysics Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Astronomia Single 2020
Active Atlas Apprentice Various Cities, Various States, USA Memento Mori EP 2018
Active Autumn Nostalgie Šamorín, Slovakia Esse Est Percipi Album 2020
Active A World In Grayscale Harleysville, Pennsylvania, USA 'The Life and Death of The Wanderer' Album 2019
Active Aythis Various Cities, France The Illusion and The Twin Album 2016
Active Ayver Lima, Peru Healing Album 2020
Active Bebopovsky And The Orkestry Podyezdov Various Cities, Russia True Noir Album 2021
Active Beequeen Nijmegen, Netherlands Wander Single 2016
Active Be My Friend in Exile London, England (UK) Portraiture Of Your Ashes / Dancing Through the Rubble of an Abandoned Cathedral Album 2018
Active Ben Chatwin Queensferry, Scotland (UK) The Hum Album 2020
Unknown Black Holes Into The Streets Various Cities, Lithuania Last Mistakes Album 2015
Active Black Needle Noise Los Angeles, California, USA These Mortal Covers EP 2019
Active Bleach For The Stars Harwich, England (UK) Concessions Album 2019
Active [ B O L T ] Duisburg, Germany [ B O L T ] & Harald Schulte Split 2020
Active Bolt Gun Fremantle, Australia Begotten Album 2020
Active BUNYI SEMBUNYI Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Ribut Ribut Itu Menjadi Reda Dan Akhirnya EP 2016
Active Burden Man Sydney, Australia Grievance (Ft. OTHRS) Split 2021
Active Caïna Manchester, England (UK)
Active Caminauta Various Cities, Uruguay Despertar Single 2021
Active Cétieu Warszawa, Poland Orties Cuisantes Album 2018
Active Chaostar Athens, Greece The Undivided Light Album 2018
Active Chris Hunt Atlanta, Georgia, USA TORRENT Album 2020
Active Christian Vasseur Lille, France La chute EP 2020
Active CHVE Ghent, Belgium RASA Album 2017
Active Cities Last Broadcast Umeå, Sweden The Cancelled Earth Album 2016
Active Coherent Solitude Athens, Greece The Void Album 2019
Active Cold Womb Descent Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Norway Age of Ldaovh Album 2021
Active Cooper Raines Various Cities, England (UK) Swung Across Album 2019