Artists playing Progressive Rock

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 3223 Rosario, Argentina voyage EP 2021
Active Absent Hearts Perth, Australia The Peak & The Valley Album 2020
Active Across Seconds Mumbai, India Four Light Years from Home Album 2018
Active Actias Luna Vancouver, Canada The Bernoulli Effect EP 2018
Active Aeo Nik Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Okto Single 2019
Defunct A Five And Dime Austin, Texas, USA Sketchbook Vol. 1 Album 2005
Active A Formal Horse Southampton, England (UK) Meat Mallet Album 2021
Active After Nations Kansas City, Missouri, USA Aegenera Single 2019
Active Agarikon Various Cities, Canada Dalvindur EP 2020
Active Airbag Oslo, Norway A Day at the Beach Album 2020
Active Alcove Bernards, New Jersey, USA As We Know It Album 2019
Active Aluches Mexico City, Mexico Híkuri EP 2020
Active Amphetamin Rheims, France A Forest of Rainbows Album 2018
Active Amplifier Manchester, England (UK) Live At Luxor Album 2018
Active Andrew Judah Kelowna, Canada Impossible Staircase Album 2019
Active ANECHOIS Singapore, Singapore Eminent Single 2015
Active Anime Austin, Texas, USA Milk Trip Album 2020
Active Apeirophilia Genoa, Italy Interrelate: L​.​U​.​A. EP 2019
Active A Poor Man's Memory Dresden, Germany Stücke zu Politik und Gesellschaft Album 2015
Active Appellative Kempsey, Australia Everything I Didn't Say Album 2021
Active Arcade Messiah Sligo, Ireland The Host Album 2020
Active ARCHIATOR Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Tablou Album 2021
Active Armonite Pavia, Italy And The Stars Above Album 2018
Active Artyfiction Wrocław, Poland Firing Lines Album 2019
Active Asa's Mezzanine Various Cities, Italy When She Met Herself Album 2022
Active Atsuko Chiba Montréal, Canada Quick Infant Guilt EP 2021
Active At The Grove Münster, Germany What We Have Done (Ft. The Dimidum Affair) Split 2022
Active Autumn Moonlight Berazategui, Argentina Passengers Album 2017
Active Avangressive Padua, Italy Blending Galaxia and The Synthetic Formations Album 2015
Active Avec Le Soleil Sortant de sa Bouche Montréal, Canada Pas pire pop, I Love You So Much Album 2017
Active Ayden Poznań, Poland Identity Album 2017
Active Balina Izmir, Turkey Balina EP 2013
Active Balloons Kill babies Brisbane, Australia Prodromal EP 2017
Active BAVE Detroit, Michigan, USA Secret Peaks of Grief Mountain Album 2020
Active Bearded Youth Quest Brighton, England (UK) Plump EP 2018
Active Bear the Mammoth Melbourne, Australia Years Under Glass Album 2018
Active Behzad Mehrnoosh Jönköping, Sweden Skimmer Album 2016
Active Beirah Tijuana, Mexico Comunión Album 2020
Active Beware the blue sky Reykjavík, Iceland Above Atlas EP 2019
Active Beyond The Event Horizon Poznań, Poland Leaving the 3rd dimension Album 2020
Active Bienwolf Pune, India Blasphemy Alley EP 2018
Active Bjorn Riis Oslo, Norway A Storm Is Coming Album 2019
Active Blackfoot Hawk Budapest, Hungary Crystal Valley EP 2018
Active Blackstratblues Mumbai, India When It's Time Album 2019
Active Blazing Scapelands Various Cities, Mexico Lock and load Single 2021
Active Blight Town Nottingham, England (UK) Jejunum Single 2019
Active Blues Funeral Houston, Texas, USA Awakening Album 2017
Active BOAT BURNING Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA boat burning EP 2018
Active Brujas del Sol Columbus, Ohio, USA II Album 2018
Unknown Captain Kickarse and awesomes Sydney, Australia Grim Repercussions Album 2015