Artists playing Dream Pop

Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Status Name Location Latest release Type Year
Active 1000 Sleepless Dreams Various Cities, Poland Dreamscape Single 2018
Unknown 100 baltas dvēseles Various Cities, Latvia Vienaldzība / Indifference EP 2016
Active 17September1981 Various Cities, Thailand E Album 2018
Active 18 seconds Montréal, Canada À l'ombre des cyprès Album 2022
Active 93millionmilesfromthesun Doncaster, England (UK) Why Do We Fall Apart (Demos) Album 2022
Active After Daylight Nottingham, England (UK) Requiem For The Dying World Album 2020
Active A Great Big Pile of Leaves New York City, New York, USA You're Always On My Mind Album 2013
Active a hidden trace Wuhan, China kamogawa EP 2018
Active Airiel Chicago, Illinois, USA Bloom Album 2020
Active Aless Málaga, Spain The Bad Seal EP 2020
Active Alles Club Juiz De Fora, Brazil Décollage Album 2018
Active alone. Sacramento, California, USA Somewhere in the Sierras [Instrumental] Album 2015
Active alphabet holds hostage Great Yarmouth, England (UK) truth in habitual Album 2021
Active Amatorski Ghent, Belgium Welcome Single 2017
Active Anilore New York City, New York, USA Lull Album 2017
Active An Ocean Of Embers Nantes, France Reflections Of The Hologram EP 2019
Active A River Crossing Lucerne, Switzerland Forsaken Album 2021
Active A Shoreline Dream Denver, Colorado, USA waitout EP 2018
Active Ask For Joy Austin, Texas, USA A Blow and a Kiss EP 2017
Active Astreal Singapore, Singapore LIGHT Album 2017
Unknown Au4 Vancouver, Canada .​.​.​And Down Goes The Sky Album 2013
Active Auburn Lull East Lansing, Michigan, USA Hypha Album 2017
Active Autumn's Grey Solace St Augustine, Florida, USA Eocene Album 2018
Active Backwards Charm Salzburg, Austria Nevergreen Album 2020
Active Bank Myna Paris, France VOLAVERUNT Album 2022
Active Become The Sky Liverpool, England (UK) Carousel EP 2021
Active BEGUM Delhi, India Sweet Nectar Single 2018
Active Black Mynah Gdynia, Poland II Album 2020
Active Blankenberge Saint Petersburg, Russia Everything Album 2021
Active Blush Response Adelaide, Australia This Band Will Eat Itself Album 2020
Active Bound Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA Haunts Album 2020
Active Braids Montréal, Canada Shadow Offering Album 2020
Active Butterfly Explosion Dublin, Ireland Lost Trails Album 2010
Active Cats Never Die Perm, Russia Cotton EP 2019
Active Celestial Bums Barcelona, Spain The Sky Upon Us Single 2020
Active City Flanker Shaoxing, China B​-​side EP 2018
Active Codes In The Clouds Dartford, England (UK) Sixes and Seventeens (Versions) EP 2021
Active cold body radiation Various Cities, Netherlands i fell into the unknown light Album 2019
Unknown Colour Various Cities, Various States, USA Sunday Morning (2014 v​.​) EP 2014
Active Cosmopaark Bordeaux, France Sunflower EP 2019
Unknown Da Pawn Quito, Ecuador Años Single 2016
Active Daren Muti Various Cities, France Citizens Facing the Sun EP 2020
Active Dark Dark Horse Leicestershire, England (UK) Seventeen Single 2021
Active Dead Rituals Naples, Italy Dead Rituals II EP 2020
Active Death & Vanilla Malmö, Sweden Are You A Dreamer? Album 2019
Active Deserta Los Angeles, California, USA Black Aura My Sun Album 2020
Active DIOSQUE Buenos Aires, Argentina Bote Album 2012
Active Dopedrone Oslo, Norway Things have gone strange Album 2018
Active DRAB MAJESTY Los Angeles, California, USA Modern Mirror Album 2019
Active Drumbeat Red Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA Sad Faces Album 2015